[The ]D[on't and ]Do'S[ of The DERP PaTroll]
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Day 1


—[The ]D[on’t and ]Do’S[ of The DERP PaTroll]—

#Low O[r]bits + [FUNda]Mental Can[n]Ons[|Offs]
#Obscene St[r]eam_Dreams_+_VenT[rilo(lol)]ing

#D[P]erp[s]: “Hi There. Let’s talk [Lulz]Security_standards.”
#TROLL: Low[ing_in_measured_L(b)o(w-vined)L_heaps] #P[h]ant[om]: L0rd[ly + leave_the_feck_alone]

News Item Reference: Multiple gaming platforms hit with apparent DDoS attacks

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