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Day 30

>>In[Up^Out^Down-In-Strafe^Step^Out]Side: Liberty_[Gl]Itching<<




News Item Reference:  Dear America, I Saw You Naked. And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.


Day 24

WrongD[D]O'S vs RightD[W]on'ts

WrongD[D]O’S vs RightD[W]on’ts

LineCrosSing[+ u will be burnt]
Whistle BlOw + W[T]His[s]tle Breath
TraitOr[der:Quo vs FreeDom]
Come 4ward & [CorruptionTie]Die
Archite[c|]xture of Op[s]PressiOn[|Off]
Tur[n]Key TyrRanny…

News Item Reference:  Who Is Edward Snowden?