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Day 32

</Frxxdxm xf Infxxmxtxxn>

<Freedom of Information>
xxFreedom of In>form>[bre]aT[h]i[ng_off&]on
xxxFreedom of/in[form>of_light-lvls.on_S]a[nit(y)a]tion
</Freedom of Information>

News Item Reference:  Intelligence agencies should be subject to FoI, says information commissioner


Day 30

>>In[Up^Out^Down-In-Strafe^Step^Out]Side: Liberty_[Gl]Itching<<




News Item Reference:  Dear America, I Saw You Naked. And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.


Day 29

“This Player Decided To Go For A Stroll Along A Dirt Road – You’ll Never Guess What HaaaA*AAa—ppe7~7ne()66d—–tO—-TheeeEe7%mmMM8(@—NeXX”XXXxx6x9T!!!?!>!!!”

News Item Reference:  “Downworthy” – A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean


Day 27

.[Vulner]Ability H[D]itches.

.[Vulner]Ability H[D]itches.

GOo[psie!]Gle[e] [N]App[ing]s.
SoC[al, Right? Now D]ial Engineer.

News Item Reference:  How I lost my $50,000 Twitter username


Day 24

WrongD[D]O'S vs RightD[W]on'ts

WrongD[D]O’S vs RightD[W]on’ts

LineCrosSing[+ u will be burnt]
Whistle BlOw + W[T]His[s]tle Breath
TraitOr[der:Quo vs FreeDom]
Come 4ward & [CorruptionTie]Die
Archite[c|]xture of Op[s]PressiOn[|Off]
Tur[n]Key TyrRanny…

News Item Reference:  Who Is Edward Snowden?


Day 22



Nutritional Value =  P[Ch]ow[down]ered
Psychological Value = Slurried [non-hurried]
Hardware Value = [f]Useable
Software Value = Open-sauced
Transportation Value = [Sky]High

News Item Reference:  But how does it taste? Watch NASA’s 3D pizza printer in action


Day 20


*A milLion[s]_Paw[i]n[g_thru_[p(l)ot+]kettled_st]s
*Anti^ [Do]Zen
*drIll _$cent+Doll!ah_blood[letting]


Orwellian Churns and Cogs

A million anti-pawns pour through plot-plus-kettled streets <insert gigantic blackened sounds of injured lions roaring>. Acrid ozone slaphits in “oh fuck!” damage zones. Sculpted sulphur cracks as Rumbleheads drum, drown and claw back beheadings. Human drills scream orange as ill- scented-bodies equal dolls and dollar signs (are bloodlet-daubed).

News Item Reference:  Maybe the Most Orwellian Text Message a Government’s Ever Sent


Day 19

RA[I]DS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: File_not_found

22/01 02:26:30.734  [Guild] MageChains: wow, this is huge
22/01 02:26:32.546  Xtender bursts into dance.
22/01 02:26:40.812  Xerath kneels down.
22/01 02:26:46.187  Patcherr[or] says: EEK
22/01 02:26:46.593  Cumbiotic gasps at VarusExpiration.

News Item Reference:  UK porn filter blocks game update that contained ‘sex’

Day 17: _[L]USER[s]

Day 17

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[L]USER guest Greedy McGreedski : [Tech]No_Logic
; User registering themselves with a
username of “greed” and real name

News Item Reference:  US tech firms make eleventh-hour attempt to halt tax avoidance reforms