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Day 32

</Frxxdxm xf Infxxmxtxxn>

<Freedom of Information>
xxFreedom of In>form>[bre]aT[h]i[ng_off&]on
xxxFreedom of/in[form>of_light-lvls.on_S]a[nit(y)a]tion
</Freedom of Information>

News Item Reference:  Intelligence agencies should be subject to FoI, says information commissioner


Day 29

“This Player Decided To Go For A Stroll Along A Dirt Road – You’ll Never Guess What HaaaA*AAa—ppe7~7ne()66d—–tO—-TheeeEe7%mmMM8(@—NeXX”XXXxx6x9T!!!?!>!!!”

News Item Reference:  “Downworthy” – A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean