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Day 38

_Accept, Retry, Cancel, Deny?



This moulded cycle of acceptance pretence. Retrying stuffed and awkward arguments while cancelling (and denying) such stinging states of ecological play.

Are you content to:
– C[Swan]limb into your Latte life?
– Challenge + choke intercept?
– Lip[_ser]vice (deny & deceive)?
– Climate defile + cli”Mate(_c’mon!)” defile + climate de[no_ecosystem]file[s_found]….

News Item Reference: Global warming ‘pause’ due to unusual trade winds in Pacific ocean, study finds

Day 16: A Sun_Gorged iCarUs M[P]elt

Day 16

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A Sun_Gorged iCarUs M[P]elt

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{{{{{{{This I[n]carUs [Sn]Ap[p]}}}}}}}
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News Item Reference:  Scientists baffled as Sun activity falls to century low